Was Buzzfeed right on Donald Trump dossier?

Was Buzzfeed right to publish the Trump dossier?

That comes down to editorial judgement, which is to news what eggs are to an omelette – the essential ingredient.

That said, I opened this post with a question which I will not answer – partly because I work for the BBC and it is not my place to pass judgement on other news organisations’ editorial calls and partly because those editorial calls are subjective.

But as BBC media editor, and as a former editor of The Independent who had to make thousands of these calls, often against tight deadlines and under great pressure from the subjects of our stories, I want to explore some of the considerations that we editors have to make.

Hopefully that will illuminate the hugely controversial decision made this week by Buzzfeed.

Editorial judgement is ultimately a moral activity. It is an exercise in selection – which stories, facts, claims, pictures, words, ideas to publish, and which to leave out – that relies on several smaller judgements.

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