Huawei hopes Nova and Nova Plus will be shining stars of the midrange phone market

Huawei is taking a new whack at the midrange with two freshly unveiled devices, the Nova and Nova Plus.

In Latin, “nova” means “new”, and this is indeed a new start for Huawei in terms of its very strait-laced and technical naming conventions of phones past. In astronomy terms though, novas are exploding stars, and it’s debatable whether these phones, as polished and well-rounded as they are, will set the world alight, aimed as they are at the busy middle of the market.

The smaller Nova has a 5-inch screen, while the larger Nova Plus (sadly not Supernova) supersizes with a 5.5-inch display. Cast in Huawei’s signature sand-blasted aluminium, the pair have slightly rounded backs that allow them to nestle neatly in your palm. Add together full HD displays, octa-core Snapdragon processors and USB Type-C charger ports, Huawei really has left no key feature wanting when kitting out the Nova range.

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