Acer Predator 21 X review: The concept car of gaming laptops

And when I say “major cash,” I don’t mean the $2,000 or $3,000 you might be expecting for a high-end gaming laptop. The single configuration offered by Acer is a heart-attack-inducing $8,999 in the US (although Acer’s website lists it as “coming soon”). Acer is offering the 21 X in Europe as well for even more: €9,999, which translates to £8,372, or about $10,700. It’s not listed on Acer’s Australian website, but the price translates to about AU$14,220.

So, yeah, this is probably out of your price range unless you think it’s worth a kidney on the black market. Still, you’re probably intensely curious, as I was, about just how Acer managed to pack so much high-end hardware into a single laptop, and how even dual video cards and a unique 21-inch curved display could justify the headline-grabbing price. It’s a bit like getting a detailed walkthrough of a concept car you’ll never own — it’s cool to see it put through its paces, and some of the ideas inside may eventually trickle down to more realistically priced products.

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