Uber Didn’t Track Users WhoDeleted App, But It Still Broke the Rules

ONCE AGAIN UBER finds itself taking heat for questionable business practices. This time the company was using software to identify iPhones even after their owners deleted the Uber app, or even wiped the phones altogether. That technique, known as fingerprinting, isn’t uncommon—and shouldn’t be interpreted as tracking your every move. But Uber’s implementation crossed a line with Apple, in particular because it tried to hide what it was doing.

This latest drama came to light in a New York Times story that outlines Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s risk-taking leadership style. And the Times reports that Kalanick got a dressing down from Apple CEO Tim Cook over the Uber app’s shady fingerprinting, and even shadier cover-up. When your whole business relies on users accessing your app, it’s dangerous to play chicken with Apple.

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