What Xbox Scorpio developers can learn from the world of PC games

We’ve noted a few times recently how the impending launch of Scorpio is making the Xbox ecosystem look more and more like the tiered PC gaming space. A couple of Microsoft’s first-party developers made that connection more explicit recently, telling Gamasutra that making games for the Scorpio is very similar to the multiple hardware targets seen in PC game development.
Forza developer Turn 10 got a head start on this process by developing Forza Motorsport 6 Apex, a 4K-capable slice of the larger game made for the PC. Making that version of the game forced Turn 10 to “start dealing with all of the wheels that were there for scaling across different PC specs,” studio software architect Chris Tector told Gamasutra.

“And that included things like kind of revamping our authoring process so that we now were capable of creating and building and packaging 4K assets, and delivering them in the way that we wanted to, so we could still deliver car packs like we’ve always done.” Tector said. He added that moving to Direct3D 12 helped streamline the company’s production pipeline and “submission efficiency” greatly when it came to these higher quality art assets.

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