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Apple Mac Mini (2014) review:

There are only two ways to get a computer running OS X, but without a permanently attached display. One is Apple’s most-expensive computer, the $2,999-and-up Mac Pro , the other is its least-expensive, the $499 Mac Mini. Other than those two bookends, Macs are all either MacBook laptops with clamshell designs, or all-in-one iMacs, with […]

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Best Desktops of 2017

Apple now includes a 4K display in the 21.5-inch iMac, making it a very sharp-looking family computer. New wireless accessories, including a new mouse, trackpad and keyboard, are a big part of the update.

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Apple Mac Pro (2017)

Until now, the Mac Pro desktop was the closest Apple had to a forgotten product. The cylindrical desktop tower, intended for a professional content creation audience, was introduced to much fanfare in 2013, but it’s remained essentially unchanged ever since. That’s especially important because the 2013 “trash can” Mac Pro eschewed the more familiar PC […]

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