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Samsung: Galaxy S8 U.S. pre-orders set new record, beat S7 by 30%

Samsung is taking a victory lap following what it claims was a successful pre-order campaign for its Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones. The company revealed in a statement that U.S. pre-orders for its latest Galaxy device outpaced the S7 predecessor by 30 percent, although it declined to share specific sales figures. “We are delighted to […]

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Samsung Galaxy S8 owners get 100,000 free song uploads and a bunch of other free stuff

Everyone likes free stuff. And if you’re a Samsung Galaxy S8 owner, you’re about to get a lot of stuff, gratis. google-play-music.jpg Google Play Music Alina Bradford/CNET Samsung has nixed the Milk Music player on all Samsung devices. Now the default is the Google Play Music service. That’s not the exciting part, though. What will […]

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